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Our Teachers

  • Peggy Strapko

    Peggy has been at Care-A-Lot since 1986. In this time, she has worked as a Kindergarten Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Director. Peggy is an Illinois State Certified Elementary Teacher K-9. She earned her BA at North Eastern Illinois University and went on to pursue completing a Master’s Degree at National Lewis University. Peggy developed and wrote the Kindergarten Curriculum at our center. She has served on many school boards and committees.

    Peggy is certified in CPR/First Aid, Mildly Infectious Disease, Airborne Disease and Asthma in Children, Bloodborne Pathogens and Children and Disabilities. Peggy has also earned her Early Childhood Certification Level 1. Peggy completes at least 20 hours of Early Childhood training each year.

    Peggy’s goal as a teacher is to watch each child’s personality unfold day by day and marvel at the growth and development of each student. Her classroom is chock full of learning centers developed to offer the children a variety of experiences. She lives for the moments when children internalize her teaching and master new skills.

  • Sara Sydor

    Sara has been at Care-A-Lot since 2006. She started working in the afternoons after her high school classes and worked her way up to Toddler Teacher, Camp Counselor and Director. Sara earned her BA in Early Childhood at Dominican University in 2010. Sara is also endorsed in Special Education.

    Sara is certified in CPR/First Aid, Food Management and Sanitation, Poison Prevention, Bloodborne Pathogens, Child/Family/Community as Partners in Learning/Disaster Training for daycare centers and the young child, to name a few. Sara has earned her Early Childhood Certification Level 1. Sara earns at least 20 Early Childhood training hours per year.

    Sara’s forte is books. She strives to make storytime a special, creative and imaginative experience for the children. She does this with dress up, puppet play, flannelboard play and much more. Sara lives for the moment when the children are participating in a story so attentively that the classroom is suddenly completely quiet. To Sara books and words are ‘magic’. The magic lies in the way the stories engage the children’s hearts and minds. As a Summer Day Camp Counselor Sara gets to reconnect with the children that return to us from Elementary School. These are children that she has known from a very young age. Sara is delighted to watch our alumni grow and develop into successful learners.

  • Beth Mendez

    Beth has been at Care-A-Lot since 2014. Beth is the Teacher Assistant in the Preschool Classroom. Beth is planning to further her education when her 2 small children are older. At this time, she is taking online Early Childhood Classes to further her career. Beth completes at least 20 hours of Early Childhood training each year.

    Beth is certified in CPR/First Aid and Food Handler Sanitation. Each day is a new and different experience in the Preschool Classroom and Beth loves introducing new ideas, concepts and learning opportunities to the children each day. She loves introducing new materials for the children to experiment with.

  • Brande Donovan

    Brande has been at Care-A-Lot since 2015. She began as a cleaner in the afternoons and is currently a Teacher Assistant in the Toddler Room.

    Brande is certified in CPR/First Aid, Food handler and Sanitation, Bloodborne Pathogens and Safety and Health of Young Children. Brande completes at least 20 training hours in Early Childhood each year.

    Brande’s favorite activities with the children are ‘Disney Dance Parties’. The magic of childhood is never more pronounced than when the children are dancing and dressing as their favorite Disney character.