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We are so proud of our Graduates at Care-A-Lot!

Muffins for Moms: Moms get a special treat the Friday before Mother's Day when they share muffins with their children at drop off.

Donuts for Dads: Dads get a special treat the Friday before Father's Day when they share donuts with their children at drop off.

Everyday is a new and different learning experience!

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Not just green paint. The children created this color by mixing paints together. Art, as a learning process, allows the children to experiment with colors by mixing their own colors and painting with them.

Parallel play! Children explore and discover on their own. This type of play serves as a bridge to more complex cooperative activities as the children grow.

The center had a huge party to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. The children enjoyed the festivities.

Who says cold weather can't be fun?

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Some of us *really* enjoy the turkey hop!

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Learning about fire safety rules during fire safety week!

Making snow angels!

Chicago team spirit

Our annual pumpkin farm field trip

Even the smallest ghosts and goblins enjoy Halloween festivities.

Showing off our pumpkins at the annual Care-A-Lot pumpkin patch.

Creative pretend play. Children enjoy exploring and learning about our extinct friends. Be it dinosaurs or farm animals, the open-ended use of this activity leads imaginations to soar.

Soles 4 Souls: The children collected their old shoes to donate to the less fortunate.

Creative expression at its best! An, ‘I am happy and I want everyone to know it’ moment. We live for these happy moments at our center.

Our famous Parent and Kid Day. Parents come in on a Saturday morning and spend the morning in their child’s classroom with the children and their teacher. Parents fully enjoy this day because it allows them to view their child in the classroom setting and they get to take home some fabulous art projects!

We celebrate the famous, well-loved and timeless Dr. Seuss's Birthday each year with reading and rhymes and one big party day!

Each year the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms celebrate graduation day. Parents and other family members are invited to our ceremony. The performance and songs are heartwarming and the graduation walk to receive diplomas a touching completion to a full and educational school year.

Each spring the Pre-Kindergarten classroom plants and tends to their vegetable garden. The cherry tomatoes, whole tomatoes and green peppers culminate into a salad that the children prepare and enjoy.

The toddler classroom enjoys preparing and eating quesadillas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

We love circus week at Care-A-Lot!

We celebrate 'the wearing of the green' on St. Patrick's day!


Thanks so much for watching our tour! We hope you will visit our day care center so you can see our facilities for yourself!