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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long has Care-A-Lot been in operation?

    Care-A-Lot Early Learning Centers has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, under the same owner, established 1986.

  • What is the teacher/student ratio?

    Our teacher/student ratios are as follows: Toddlers: 1 to 5; Preschool: 1 to 8; Pre-Kindergarten: 1 to 10.

  • What kind of meals are available to the children at Care-A-Lot?

    All of our meals are prepared by our catering service, Food2You. Every day the children will enjoy food from this catering service which specializes in making delicious, healthy, organic meals for daycare centers. This includes breakfast, hot lunch, and an afternoon snack.

  • What is the experience level of the teachers at Care-A-Lot?

    On average, our teachers have 17 years of experience teaching, and we work through a robust selection process with each of our teachers to ensure they are able to meet our standards.

  • What kind of certifications do your teachers have?

    Our teachers are certified in First Aid, CPR, Food and Sanitation, and Mildly Infectious Disease.

  • What about the teacher turnover rate?

    We are very lucky to have a very small turnover rate at Care-A-Lot. Returning alumni are surprised when they return years later and their favorite teachers are still in the classroom at Care-A-Lot. Margie 31 years, Peggy 31 years, Sheri 30 years, Cindy 20 years, Cheryl 14 years, Sara S. 11 years, Sara P. 8 years, Vicky 6 years. We are very proud of the teachers that make Care-A-Lot the outstanding centers that they are.

  • How will will I know what my child's day was like?

    Teachers link parents with what their children are doing through weekly and monthly newsletters, and daily information sheets. We are always available to discuss any concerns that parents may have.

  • Can I visit my child at school?

    Yes! Care-A-Lot has an open door policy, and parents are welcome to drop in, unannounced, at any time.

  • What is the Care-A-Lot curriculum like?

    Our curriculum will be comprised of activities highlighting the following areas: Language Arts, Creative Art, Mathematics, Science, Music, Sensory Education, Computer Learning, Large Motor Skills, Small Motor Skills, and Pre-Reading. For more details about our curriculum, please view our Education Model.

  • How does Care-A-Lot feel about the way children grow and develop?

    At Care-A-Lot we know how important your child's early years are. In Care-A-Lot's home-like environment, children feel free to reach out to the people around them. Please view our Educational Philosophy for further information.

  • How are the age groups divided in the Care-A-Lot educational program?

    The Care-A-Lot educational program will be divided into 4 separate age and developmental groups. Please see our Educational Program for further information.

  • What hours of the day does Care-A-Lot operate?

    We are open and operating Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm

  • How can I get more information?

    Feel free to contact either of our centers with any questions!

    Central Ave: 773-763-8888
    Milwaukee Ave: 773-763-0888

  • What have other parents said about Care-A-Lot?

    Please see the testimonials section of our webpage for real parent reviews.